Welcome to the frontline of longevity science

Recent breakthroughs in the study of the biology of aging are changing how we think about healthy longevity. Perennial reflects these breakthroughs with cutting-edge technology to assess health status, predict the likelihood of disease, and optimize healthy longevity using science-backed insights and interventions that are personalized to each person’s unique biology.
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Our Mission

At Perennial, we partner with forward-looking doctors, to optimize each person’s healthy longevity by curating and synthesizing best-in-class insights using the most advanced, evidence-based science and technology.

Our Approach

We bring our research, perspectives, industry expertise and relationships, along with our technology and data science capabilities, to deliver best-in-class longevity solutions, backed by peer-reviewed science. Our end-to-end service plugs into your practice and consists of:
Comprehensive testing, including blood biomarker panels, multi-omics, advanced imaging, wearables, and more. We also fully manage testing logistics and operations in addition to data processing and integration.
A multi-dimensional, personalized health study for each patient, assessing where they are in their aging journey and providing insights into potential determinants of their longevity.
Relevant longevity interventions that have been rated based on the strength of the peer-reviewed evidence. Our platform's intelligence capabilities identify and suggest personalized interventions to each patient's unique biology.
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Science and Technology

Our approach combines cutting-edge science and technology to provide personalized, evidence-based health interventions for patients.


Orion, our Testing and Data Collection Platform, is an up-to-date, PhD-curated library of peer-reviewed literature on longevity indicators, including biomarkers, risks, and relevant tests. In addition to compiling the latest science, it includes information about vendor capabilities, test availability, and turnaround time, continuously integrating new insights into the platform.


Data from Orion feeds into Polaris, our AI-driven Analysis and Reporting Engine. Polaris combines and interrogates the data to help us understand and quantify insights across multiple dimensions of health and wellness that are key to obtaining both a cross-sectional as well as a dynamic view of a person's longevity prospects and risks. We use proprietary algorithms to synthesize these outputs and create a holistic view of the patient’s health.


Pegasus is our Interventions Research Program in which we research and evaluate longevity-focused interventions for medical professionals that can be shared with patients. We assess the strength of available evidence, and provide a proprietary summary of each intervention, as well as any links to diseases and conditions. This summary is linked to our proprietary Knowledge Graph, which is automatically connected with relevant conditions, risks, and insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why longevity services?
Recently, there has been increased global interest in wellness, health, and longevity. However, for most consumers, longevity is being marketed through potentially dubious interventions, such as one-size-fits-all supplements, lotions, and technologies. These interventions are not rooted in peer-reviewed science, nor are they contextualized or personalized. While these can be good business for those selling, they rarely drive positive outcomes for patients. A better outcome would come from a focus on deep and forward-looking testing of each person’s detailed biology to assess the progression and effects of aging and risks of age-related or health-limiting diseases, followed by creation of personalized protocols.
Why a long-term focus on health and disease-prevention rather than treatment?
Age is the greatest risk factor for developing chronic disease. The global healthcare system allocates over 90% of its resources to disease care, while only a small fraction of the total budget is dedicated to wellness and disease prevention. We believe this should change and are working to promote an evidence-based, quantitative, data-informed approach to maintaining and improving health. Our products and services help catch disease early and identify actionable insights to maintain optimal health.
Who is this for?
Our platform is ideally suited for clinics, practices and health professionals in functional medicine, integrative medicine, and concierge medicine, as well as government programs aimed at optimizing healthy longevity.
How is this different from current practices?
Because some of the technologies we use are newer and more costly, they have not yet been extensively integrated into clinical practice. However, all have been validated in a clinical setting. For example, our omics suite within Orion uses proteomics and metabolomics testing to look for signatures that are associated with metabolic and cardiovascular disease. While these technologies have not yet achieved mainstream adoption for diagnostic purposes, numerous studies indicate that they possess significant pre-diagnostic potential and can forecast the likelihood of disease onset and progression. Further, the volume of generated data is far too extensive for a human to process, compile, and comprehensively analyze to identify relevant patterns. Our proprietary algorithms are designed to optimally leverage this new abundance of information.

The Perennial Team

50 + years of collective experience in business, science and technology.
James Peyer, PhD
James is a Geroscientist and is the Chairman, providing strategic guidance and direction.
Prashant Vijay
Prashant is the CEO and drives Business and Commercial functions and activities.
Elena Vayndorf, PhD
Elena is a Geroscientist and is the Chief Scientific Officer at Perennial, leading all science and research.
Bhushan Pant
Bhushan is the Chief Technology Officer, and owns Product and Technology areas.
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